Thursday, 4 September 2014

My Least Favorite One Stroke Face Painting Cake

Pretty much all of my one strokes have their use's and they all work well, but the TAG Neon Rainbow one stroke sucks to apply with a brush.

As with all my neon colors they work better with a sponge, otherwise you really have to layer them with a brush. The neon rainbow one stroke also doesn't allow you to pick up all the colors with most flat #12 and 3/4 brushes. So I end up having to choose which side and color I want.

I wouldn't buy it again, in fact I took it out of my kit because the kids see it and always want it over a regular rainbow or Leanne Rainbow (which are WAY better). Just like I did the kids lay eyes on the Neon Rainbow one stroke and think it's going to look amazing, and then get a bit disappointed when it doesn't.

Picture here: Lies

Oddly enough the 'cocktail' neon split cake I don't seem to have too much of a problem with!

The neon rainbow one stroke still has it's uses though; with a sponge it's great for applying neon rainbow eye shadow, or a small neon rainbow area in the design, even as a rainbow if you use a sponge. But the lines are never as crisp as with a brush, no i usually use a different rainbow one stroke for ease and convenience.

I couldn't live without my homemade Leanne's TAG rainbow one stroke cake! What a time saver! Such a rainbow cheat, I love it to bits!
Only two of the colors are neon so it seems to work better.

Don't turn your back on buying neon colors altogether though, like I said, when you have the right tool (like a sponge) you can make some pretty awesome stuff.

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