Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Airbrushes: Gravity Fed VS Siphon Fed

This article pertains to face and body painting with an airbrush, but can also be used by other inspiring airbrush artists as a reference.

When I went to makeup school I got to try out all kinds of air brushes. The one that came with our kit (while generous of the school to give us) kind sucked. It was an Iwatta Neo... which isn't really an iwatta, it's like a branch off series... Anyway! it was gravity fed, had so many parts, had to refill all the time, hard to clean so you couldn't switch colors easily, and fragile. Also I like to move my arms a lot when I paint and god help me if I forget to put the cap back on the top after refilling. More then once I have had paint dripping down my arm. Other gravity few brushes were all pretty much the same story. Also they tended to clog.... a lot. When you are at home painting biker helmets, or other art projects, a clog is an inconvenience, but when you are trying to body paint, it's a TIME VAMPIRE.

I had a body painting show coming up and I knew I needed something that could paint FASTER, and better. So my research began.

After countless reviews and articles, I finally found one I liked - well two actually. One for FAST base coverage and the other for controlled detail.

I got them from the same company I got my airbrush compressor

My partner and I got this puppy back when it was new but still on sale for about $600.

We wanted something that could run 2 brushes since there were two of us. Also it's like pet luggage, and completely self contained with storage too! and WAY quieter then other compressors I have seen, with obviously a much higher capacity. Yes this thing is the Rolls Royce of compressors and we LOVE it to bits. Iwatta compressors are generally the best imo.

The only thing that still sucked was our school issued airbrushes - and I wish I replaced them sooner.

After all my research looking for the best airbrushes for body painting I found these.

Ok... confession time - while i did do hours of research, it actualy led me to a difference brand called Badger. So I called up the 800 number for the company to ask about their Badger brand airbrushes and spoke with a rep who really knew his stuff, who showed me the Paache brand. This guy really knew his stuff, and even though the Badger were more expensive he suggested for my line of fast paced work to go with Paache. After getting the real goods on the features I went for the Paache brand and got the packages/box sets so I also got new hoses and the proper fitting for the our compressor. Also on sale, this website LOVES it's sales. ^.^

Seriously don't be afraid to call up this company and ask about their stuff, they are super friendly!

And the result....

My god how did I live without these?
  •  They are super simple to assemble and disassemble
  •  Cleaning is SO easy and no longer a chore, unlike with gravity fed
  •  The single action for doing the base gets mega coverage and SO fast and easy (and easiest to clean)
  •  We have never had a clog with them... it's been near a year using them.
  •  TOO easy to switch colors unlike with gravity fed.
  •  Doesn't spill into my lap when moving around
  •  Comes with a quick refill siphon cup

The list of pros just goes on and on really. I never want to use gravity fed again after using a good quality siphon brush.

Verdict (IMO): Go with Siphon fed.

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