Monday, 23 June 2014

Canada Day Face Painting with Craft Paints

The past few years on Canada Day I have seen the same family set up in the same spot down town Vancouver, and they are willing to put the public's health at risk with their poster paints.

The first year at the end of the day I politely informed them of the risks and even gave them websites, brand names, and several local places to get safe paints. They were very rude, accused me of wanting to take their business, said they had been doing it for years without a problem (um yeah because you are only there once a year and the customers have no way to contact you). They don't even really paint the maple leaf on on, they just dip a stamp in the paint.

The next year in 2012 they were back and STILL had the same cheap poster paints. Not only do they put your child's health at risk after being informed, but they also charge you a dollar per maple leaf for it! This violates busking licence regulations, as busking face painters are only allowed to charge "by donation" to the public and have NO set price other than 'suggested donation'. I have tried the police on site with no help, informing the city offices in charge of busking regulation, calling the health inspectors, and even writing to the Vancouver Sun. It all seems to fall on deaf ears.

So I hope this post at least helps a few people be aware of this issue because I want to hammer home to people like this that - You just don't mess with kids! You just don't!

Here is where they have been the past 2-3 years, and bound to be this year and the next.

Here is what their setup looks like

There is the poster paint bottle

Here is them putting their poster paint on a little girl :(

So keep a look out if you go down town this year or the next, complain if you like, tap an officer on the shoulder and ask if there is anything they can do if you like. But keep your little ones away. There are MANY other face painters down there every year who have REAL face paints that are safe.

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