Friday, 10 April 2015

My Doppelganger

Ok, so I'm scrolling through my facebook feed when I see a random acquaintance of mine posted some photos of his grandchildren from their Easter dinner party.

And they were face painted by someone!

Now I'm staring at the computer screen and i'm like.... "Did I paint those????"
One Stroke Cake was used - Check
Petal brush was used - Check
Special Dark Blue - Check
and.... my god.... even the new magenta I bought a week ago... or something close to it.

I'm going over this with a fine tooth comb, looking at everything. The antenna look a bit thicker then what i usually do and the bodies have shading and at a bit thicker too... which i do some times but not all the time. 

I probably painted like 50+ of these cheek butterflies this past weekend so I honestly can't remember. I send my friend a message in PM

"Hey Bruce,Question, the face painting on your grand children... was that by us??? It totally looks like my style, but I probably painted like 50+ butterflies this past weekend I can't remember lol. 
But I gotta know if I'm just going crazy or if I have a doppelganger out there copying my style lol."

After staring at this for like 5 min I ask Aryn if he painted these this last weekend, like at the mall gig or something... nope.

Well that tares it! I have a doppelganger in my city!

And just like parallel universe Spock, she's evil.... 
and therefore has a beard. 

Some one else who paints like me and has the same colors even! My god... maybe they are following me on my facebook page to copy be designs!?! Perhaps they find out where i'm going to be painting then follow me and look over my shoulder to learn my technique?!! 

I send Bruce another message:

"Ok, I talked to Aryn, and he didn't paint them. And i think the style of butterfly body is a little different then mine..... but dude... like that's my butterfly, like the style the colors in my kit, even the brush that was used for the flowers.... it's so close I still can't believe I didn't paint it....

I totally feel creeped out right now, like some one was watching me and taking notes or something.

Bruce I GOTTA know who did this, where did she get it done? This artist has such a similar style to me I must get in contact with them so I can at least recommend them to others when i'm booked up lol"

Well who ever they are, they do good work, nice placement, excellent color choices, nice line work, and brush control. Wow even their placement of the petals is the like mine! I start to get depressed.... another really skilled face painter in town? Like I didn't have enough trouble with a saturated market as is *le sigh*. I suppose it was just a matter of time before some one around here figured out how to paint really well using one strokes... i need to step up my game it seems. Would I even want to recommend this person to others? They might like her over me.... *tear*

Wait..... what are the odds of this? That my technique.... and my petal brush... the blue and that magenta are the exact same as in my kit.... What am I basing this off of? The body and the antenna are a little different? I might have been trying something new and not even remembered doing it!

*finds phone *

*looks at pics taken on Easter Sunday*

Oh. My. God.....

IT WAS ME!!!!!!

Well, I feel like a total nutter. Sent my friend Bruce another message being all like "I'm dumb it was totally me lol" I painted these sisters at the Farmers Market I had on Sunday, didn't get a photo of the blue butterfly sister for some reason.... meh.

There I was feeling totally creeped out that someone local was like stalking or copying me, or that I had some skilled competition to deal with now lol. But it was me all along. I'm my own evil doppelganger

I told you she had a beard!!!

and I'm getting so good I didn't even recognize my own work!

Glad I think so highly of myself lol

P.S. Note to doppelganger me. Your antenna needs work and your dots need to be brighter! :P