Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Night Owl Maternity Painting

Here is a recent one i did this month. I just got the photos back from the photographer and i touched a few up for light and so forth.

This mum was great to work with!

She gave me some great inspiration photos to work from then I sketched out a design on paper that i thought incorporated most of the elements she liked. I also played on the fact that she didn't know if it was a boy or girl, by making it more gender neutral and adding in the two creatures, one to represent a boy and the other a girl. Worked out better then i thought.

Photos like these are why I ALWAYS make sure to have a photographer included with my belly painting service. After all I get the photos to show off too.

Funny Story Bonus!
Later as we were packing up her 2 year old stripped naked and ran through my house lol. She was a little embarrassed but i didn't care, 'let him be naked and free, he can only get away with it for so long'. It was funny though because not even i get to walk around my living room in the buff because i have roommates LOL.

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